Places to Stay

Although it is entirely possible to visit Iki on a busy day trip, to do proper justice to the island you will need to spend at least an overnight. Accommodation in Iki can be split into 4 styles with prices to suit every budget. If you have access to a car, location should not be a concern, but if you want a natural onsen (hot spring) in your hotel, you will need to choose accommodation in Yunomoto. If you are on a beach trip, accommodation in Ishida may be most convenient.

For even more options, please see the official Japanese tourist website


Hotel Stella Court Taiankaku ホテルステラコート太安閣
Price: 13,000yen
Location: Gonoura (5min drive from ferry terminal)
Tel: 0920-47-3737

View Hotel Iki ビューホテル壱岐
Price: 13,000yen
Location: Gonoura (5 min drive from ferry terminal)
Tel: 0920-47-0567

Iki Daichi Hotel 壱岐第一ホテル
Price: 5,250yen
Telephone: 0920-47-1221
Location: Gonoura (3 min drive from ferry terminal)

Iki Marina Hotel 壱岐マリーナホテル
Price: 6,090~yen
Tel: 0920-47-0603


Kairi Murakami 海里村上
Tel: 0920-43-0770
Location: Gonoura port, 15 minute drive from Ashibe port

Ryokan Taikobo 旅館 太公望
Price: 8,400yen~
Tel: 0920-47-1373
Location: Gonoura (5min drive from ferry terminal)

Iki Shimasou 国民宿舎 壱岐島荘
Price: 6,660yen
Tel: 0920-43-0124
Location: Katsumoto

Outside of Hirayama Ryokan

Hirayama Ryokan 平山旅館
Price: 13,800yen~
Tel: 0920-43-0016
Location: Yunomoto


Price: 7,600yen~
Tel: 0920-44-5294
Location: Ishida

Tourai 民宿 島来荘
Price: 7,350yen~
Tel: 0920-44-5587

Kinkai 近海荘>
Price: 7,350yen
Tel: 0920-44-6654


Iki Deai no Mura 壱岐出会いの村
Price: 7,000yen~
Tel: 0920-46-0789
Location: Gonoura (20mins from ferry terminal)

Iki Bokujo 海辺の和風ペンション壱岐牧場
Price: 12,000yen~
Tel: 0920-44-5818
Location: Ishida

Camp Sites

All camp sites have bbq/cooking facilities, toilets and running water. Free campsites have no one on duty and no nearby shops.

Iki Deai no Mura 壱岐出会いの村
Location: Gonoura (near Monkey Rock)
Price: ?
Tel: 0920-46-0789
Facilities: sea kayaking

Tsutsukihama Camp Site 筒城浜キャンプ場
Location: Ishida (right next to Tsutsukihama Beach
Price: ?

Shoni Park Campsite 少貳公園キャンプ場
Location: Ashibe (Shoni Park)
Price: Free
Facilities: No showers, but a local government sports/health facility next to Daiei called Tsubasa has Japanese baths for a few hundred yen.

Kushiyama Campsite 串山キャンプ場
Location: Katsumoto
Price: ?
Facilities: Showers

Hot Springs 温泉

湯ノ本温泉 The resort village of Yunomoto has 17 hot springs most of which can be visited by day visitors. Purchasing the Yunomoto Meguri pass 「湯の本ゆめぐり」 allows you access to 7 for only 1500yen.

Hirayama hot spring