Getting Around


The island is only around 12km top to bottom and east to west so if you're fit and have the time, cycling is certainly the best way to see the island. There are no mountains (highest point is only 212m), however there are also few places that are flat and your trip is likely to be a series of gentle ups and downs with just the occasional steep section. In return for your efforts, you will be rewarded with a full appreciation of the beauty of your surroundings. The island is well signposted and as long as you know the general direction of your destination, it's difficult to get too lost. You are encouraged to adventure off the main roads as much of the real beauty of the island lies hidden along the small roads. Compared to the mainland, there are few cars and the maximum speed limit on the island is only 50km/h making Iki a great place to cycle for both experienced and inexperienced cyclists.

Iki Cycle Festival

For those with a competitive spirit, a cycle race is held in Iki in June - distances are 20km, 30km and 50km. The course route is marked with red arrows a few weeks before the event so if you're cycling the island at this time, you can follow the route right around the island without the pressures of the race. Bikes can be hired from the only bike rental shop on the island. It's a 5-10 minute walk from Ishida ferry terminal, however if you arrange in advance, for only 500yen the owner will bring your bike to any of the ferry terminals on the island. Same for picking up your bikes at the end of your trip. They have mountain bikes and mama-chari (3-geared shopping bikes).


Driving is the easiest way to see the island. Having a car will allow you to see all the major sites in one busy day though I recommend you spread it out over 2 days. All the ferries (excluding Jetfoil) can take cars but there are also plenty of car rental places near the ferry terminals charging less than 10,000 yen per day. Most likely you will need a Japanese or International driving license. Driving on the island is easy though the streets can be narrow. Stick to the speed limits and don't be tempted by the rural setting to drink-drive, as the police do regular spot-checks.


The Iki buses meander around the island on an infrequent basis. With careful planning it is certainly possible to use the bus to get to individual locations, but if you are trying to tour the main tourist spots then it's probably not going to be practical to rely solely on the bus. The bus meets most (but not all!) ferries. If you are planning on taking the bus, make sure you don't hang about after your ferry arrives as the bus doesn't wait very long.


If you are not short of cash, or if there is a group of you, hiring a taxi for the day can be a good option, costing around 11,000-35,000 depending on the chosen route. Several taxi companies offer set fares for pre-defined tourist routes around the island.

Ferries within the island

Katsumoto port to Tatsunoshima (uninhabited island)
Depart Katsumoto Depart Tatsunoshima

*Last ferry - don't miss it!
Journey time around 10 minutes. To confirm ferry times, call 0920-47-6912