Getting There

Iki is near enough the mainland to make day trips to the island feasible, but a one or two night stay is recommended as the island has plenty to offer.

Fukuoka city to Bayside Place (Ferry terminal to Iki)

Bayside place is around 20 minutes by bus from Fukuoka.

Depart from Tenjin from Canal City from Hakata Station
Bus No. #90 #50 #46 #80 #99 #88
Time taken 9 mins 12 mins 19 mins 20 mins 17 mins 14 mins
Arrives at Bayside Place Sun Palace* Bayside Place Sun Palace* Bayside Place Sun Palace*

*5-10 minute walk to Bayside Place


Ferry Timetable (Japanese)

*NEW* Ferry Timetable (English)

Ferries to Iki run from Fukuoka (Bayside Place) and Karatsu in Saga Prefecture. The ferry schedule is set out a year in advance, but the times change constantly during the year depending on the season, national holidays, ship maintenance etc. It is strongly recommended to check the ferry company's website for the times on the day you are leaving or call the ferry company directly. In case of extreme bad weather including typhoons, call again before your departure to make sure the ship is running.
(From the above link, go to the correct page and find your travel date from the left column. Both the ferry and jetfoil typically leave Fukuoka around 5 times a day while the ferry from Karatsu is more regular).
Page 1: Ferry - Hakata to Iki (Gonoura 郷ノ浦 and Ashibe 芦辺)
Page 2: Jetfoil - Hakata to Iki (Gonoura and Ashibe)
Page 3: Ferry - Karatsu to Iki (Indoji Port in Ishida Town 印通時)

Fukuoka to Iki (Gonoura and Ashibe)

Ferries from Fukuoka stop at either Ashibe and Gonoura and take approx 2hr 15min. The ferries are large with plenty space for vehicles of all sizes as well as bicycles.

Karatsu to Iki (Ishida)

Compared to Fukuoka, Karatsu is more accessible for those coming from Nagasaki or Saga Prefectures. An express bus runs from Nagasaki to Karatsu (3hrs) and the ferry is only around 1hr15mins. Because this ferry is smaller than the Gonoura/Ashibe ferries, it is more susceptible to cancellations during bad weather.


Jetfoils run several times a day from Fukuoka (Bayside) to Ashibe and Gonoura. Skimming the water at around 70km/h, the trip takes about 1 hour (half the ferry time) though it does cost twice as much. If you have limited time or some extra cash, it's the best way to travel from Fukuoka.


Flights leave from Nagasaki (Omura Airport) usually twice a day and take approximately 30 minutes, landing in Iki airport in Ishida. The airport is convenient for the beaches and nearby accommodation, but if you are heading for Ashibe and Gonoura you will need to get on the Iki bus (if available) or a taxi (3-4000yen). The plane sits only 8 people so reservations are essential. If you don't mind the extra expense, it really is a great way to visit the island. Be prepared to be weighed before you get on the plane so they can distribute the load!