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An undated (pre-1994) photo of Ashibe harbour.  The large flat rice fields near the top middle of the picture are now the site of the Daiei supermarket Seto Harbour - this aerial shot of Seto Harbour near Ashibe port shows that despite the low population density on the island, the main settlements are often crammed into small areas.  Local fisherman tightly cram their fishing boats into the narrow channel in the middle of the picture when typhoons are approaching Gonoura harbour - Aerial photo overlooking Iki high school and Gonoura port Aerial view of one of Iki's many white sand beaches Iki main features - blue sea and green land Tatsunoshima Cruise ship - see Getting Around section for tour information View from one of the beaches in Katsumoto Tsutsukihama -  Iki's most popular beach. Ohama - white sand beach in Ishida - popular with wind-surfers Tsutsukihama -  Iki's most popular beach Harahogejizo - stone figures, visible at low tide which are believed to protect the area's pearl divers Haranotsuji Ancient Settlement - replica houses showing how people lived in this area 2000 years ago.  Haranotsuji is a major archeological site with a museum just outside Ishida town. Awabi Haranotsuj ihouse Iki's barley (mugi) shochu Japanese white-eye These oni-dako (devil kites) are a common site on the island, though I've yet to see one actually fly The rock at Sakyobana cliffs in Ashibe Sakyobana - in polite conversation, usually referred to as Sakyobana cliffs in Ashibe Town.  Bird-sh*t rock to the uncouth. Saruiwa (Monkey Rock) - Iki's most famous landmark Just some of Iki's speciality seafood. Shochu Yabutsubaki (camellia) Yunomoto hot spring resort - note the boats on the horizon with bright lights to attract squid - a common sight on the island A hot spring in Yunomoto An example of Iki's geology Tatsunoshima cruise ship View from Tatsunoshima cruise boat Fertility shrine annual festival - Yes, that is what you think on the left of the float Festival on Iki island
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